Indulgent Triple Belgian Chocolate Brownies


Most people that have tried our Belgian chocolate brownies say they are the best brownies they’ve ever had…and we find it hard to argue!

Made with white, milk and dark Belgian chocolate and the finest organic cocoa powder, these brownies aren’t just rich, they’re loaded!

We portion it into 10 pieces, ready for you to share & enjoy, or freeze for a later date.

Ridge Hill Bakery


Based in Alcester and delivering to local areas, we specialise in cakes, traybakes, treats, pasties. We also have a diverse and tasty vegan range of products available.

Traybakes & Cakes

Whether you want to send a gift to a friend or family member, or simply treat yourself, our Traybakes & Cakes are simply bang on. Whether you want a traditional rich Victoria sponge, a cheeky carrot cake or a luscious lemon drizzle, we have something that’ll get your mouth watering.


With our kitchen being a meat-free zone, our savoury range is vegetarian & vegan based.

That means we’ve put together an array of veggie goodies that will please even the mightiest of meat-eaters.

We freeze our savoury goods to ensure freshness upon consumption and to extend shelf-life, reducing wasteage.


Our vegan range, as with all of our products, uses all-natural and ethically sourced ingredients. We provide both sweet and savoury delights including our ‘Olde English Bangers’ and our signature bean burger the ‘Ridgey’ along with our indulgent vegan triple chocolate fudge brownies.

Due to the nature of vegan products they are also dairy free so are suitable for those with dairy allergies.


We are open to catering and trade enquiries, please click on our email above to get in touch!

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