VHS, camcorder and audio tapes to DVD and CD


We can restore, capture and digitise any of your precious memories – from VHS, camcorder, cassette or reel-to-reel tapes, photos or slides, and vinyl. We use really high-quality equipment that enables us to give you digital copies that are as good as the originals!

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Restoration and digitising of photos, analogue audio and video – reel-to-reel tapes and cassettes, vinyl records, VHS and camcorder tapes, photos and slides.

We bring years of expertise to help numerous clients retrieve precious memories and artefacts, and relive the pleasure all over again! We’re currently working with music archivists in Manchester to restore a wealth of rare and historic recordings, some as much as 60 years old.

We’ve professionally restored and digitised images and recordings from a huge range of sources:

  • Old or damaged photos and slides

  • VHS, Hi8 and DV camcorder tapes

  • Reel-to-reel and cassette audio tapes

  • Vinyl records (deep cleaned)

  • Tape hiss and vinyl scratch reduction

We’ve transferred these recordings to a wide spectrum of media, including DVD, CDs, YouTube videos, mp4, mp3 and WAV files. We’ve even repaired broken tapes, fitting them with new tape reels and cases before rescuing and preserving the precious contents!

The prices quoted on this page represent a starting price for these services, and is an exclusive offer for businesses and individuals in Alcester. The price range depends on the type of media of course, but you’ll be surprised how affordable our restorations are…  A three-hour VHS tape can be yours on DVD for as little as £30!

You can see and hear some examples on our website: www.seanmacreavy.com.

Sean Macreavy Media

Welcome to Sean Macreavy Media, based in Alcester in Warwickshire. We offer passionate, inspirational and top quality video production, photography, graphics and website services, music and audio production, audio tape baking and video tape digitising.

High-quality, professional photography, video, audio and music production, analogue audio tape baking, restoration and digitising of audio and video tapes, graphic design and website creation. We also produce the long-running Consequences 10cc podcast. Promotional, corporate, educational, public service or events videos, produced with total care for beautiful and powerful results. We will exactly meet your brief, and exceed it.

Your business. Our passion.


For hundreds of examples of our work, and more information on the services our team offers, please visit our website on www.seanmacreavy.com



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