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Arrow and Arden Limited
Arrow and Arden Limited

Arrow and Arden Limited

I am extremely passionate about helping people transform their life through health, well-being & fitness whilst focusing on a long-term solution for complete mind and body wellness. In my shop you find fitness and Nordic Walking activities local to the Alcester area. You also find products with an inside-out approach to healthy living. In the online store you find clean, high performance nutrition that tastes great and supports a healthy lifestyle geared towards total wellbeing, skin care, body care and make up.


We believe in a holistic approach to beauty, health and wellbeing, focusing on the whole person to help them flourish inside and out.

Our product philosophy embraces the connection between a healthier mind, stronger body, and more beautiful skin.

100% Vegan, Cruelty-Free.

We innovate using plant-based ingredients grounded in science and clinical research with high standards for safety and sustainability.

We collaborate with holistic experts and our passionate community for new products and education.

Message me for a chat about your goals.